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 No Tar

The Pyrolyzer system technology uniquely recirculates oils and tars created by the gasification process back into the secondary reactors to fully gasify the components leaving only char, ash, and PyroGasTM as the products of the system. In competitor systems tars must be removed because they deposit and plug equipment.

The system uses a patented process to eliminate tar:

  1. Three reactors are used to completely gasify waste feedstock.
  2. Tars stay in vapor form to avoid condensation.
  3. Tars are separated from the gas by an oil scrubber system, when the tar makes contact with the light oil it begins to condense into the oil. Tars have a natural affinity for light oil fluids making it easy to capture the tars from the gas/tar vapor mixture.
  4. Tars are sent to the cracker where high temperature and catalysts break them down into more gas.
  5. Gases from the cracker are re-injected into the secondary reactor to further crack them into more PyroGasTM and char.
  6. Once the PyroGasTM leaves the third reactor the tars have been removed.

The Pyrolyzer system does not require an external tar removal system or tar disposal.